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This workshop is for forward-thinking, action-oriented people who are ready to set bigger, more challenging goals and experience tremendous results.


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Do any of these apply to you?

  • It is a constant struggle to find balance between your work, family and your health

  • Stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed with the demands of life

  • Working routinely every day without purpose and meaning

  • No matter how hard you try, your life seems to not be going anywhere

  • You know what you want, but you feel like something is always holding you back

  • You constantly feel stressed and anxious. You feel like your days are packed with worry.

If you found yourself saying ‘YES’ to any of these, I'd like to challenge you to up-level every aspect of your life and experience positive change today!


Dear Friend,

Do you ever look at the things other people have - whether it's a great job, a successful business, a luxury car, a nice house or loving relationships - and wonder what they're doing differently than you? Do you believe that you can have a higher, better vision for your life? Do you think it’s even possible?

I used to find myself battling this mindset frequently. I came from humble beginnings. My parents were good people, but growing up, we never seemed to have enough money for anything. Then I became the general manager of a successful investment firm that went from zero to a billion in sales turnover. Surely I had “arrived” and knew only happiness in my life – at least that’s how it seemed. To others, it looked like I had attained success, but the experience was very different for me.


On the inside, I was struggling to find a greater sense of purpose and meaning. The ideals taught to me by the well-meaning people in my life about getting an education, climbing the corporate ladder, buying a home, and raising a family weren’t working. Why was I mechanically going through each day, all while finding it difficult to balance my health, relationship, family and career?


I decided it was time to get off at the next stop, so to speak, and for ten years I embarked on a serious quest to find out what really works, and what makes successful people tick. I immersed myself in thousands of hours of research, read more than a thousand books, and spent many tens of thousands of dollars attending workshops and seminars.


I even wrote a book, titled Living Greatness, which was borne from interviewing some of the brightest minds on the planet including Jack Canfield, John Demartini, Dr Edward de Bono, Fred Alan Wolf, Sonia Choquette with the recommendations from international best-selling authors, leading CEOs, as well as billionaires and celebrities around the world. Jack Canfield, co-creator of the #1 New York Times best selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul wrote the Foreword to Living Greatness. Ultimately, my quest was to discover the keys to happiness, success, and greatness, and to find balance while doing so.




What I've Learned the Hard Way


I have learned a great irony about life. The harder it is that you pursue success, the less likely it will come to you, and when you let go, life takes off in its own accord through synchronicity events as you align with a higher and greater purpose in life. The key is to turn your passion and purpose into measurable, successful results while making a difference in the lives of others.  Through cracking the code, you will find that money, success and opportunity will begin to flow effortlessly to you. You will do something you enjoy every day, and make money doing it while also making a positive difference in the lives of others.


Your Outer Life is a Reflection of Your Inner Life


While I was studying the lives of highly acclaimed people such as the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other leading experts (some of whom I interviewed for my book), I discovered a secret that all of them seemed to share in their unstoppable success. In talking with these great leaders and thinkers, I also learned that the average person can apply these same rules and produce life changing results as well, whether in life, work or their finances.


These secret strategies helped me start from scratch to finding my purpose and meaning to influencing tens of  thousands of people within eighteen months. I’ve been featured on SBS, Channel 10 as well as in newspapers and magazines, including Think Big, Living Now, Virgin’s In-flight magazine and Fitness First Magazine. I also serve as an ambassador for Make-A-Wish Australia, and joins celebrities like basketball legend Andrew Gaze, celebrity chef Curtis Stone and Aussie music icon John Foreman to inspire hope in children with life threatening disease.







Learn Step-by-Step at This Signature and
Exclusive Event


If you’ve ever wondered why some people are always lucky, successful and in the right place at the right time, you need to come to my BRAND NEW workshop. You will learn how the world’s happiest and most successful people created the life they wanted, and how they turned their idea and vision into reality.


Are you ready to achieve more than ever, faster than ever, in all aspects of your life? It's time to tap into the great potential that lies within you and channel your natural powers and abilities into creating a fulfilling and happy life. During the workshop, you will learn:


     Discover your purpose and begin to fully live your life

Identify and eliminate the fears in your life that hold you back

Reconnect with who you really are and live a life of authenticity

The 7 keys to setting goals

Boost your self-confidence and personal strength

Secrets of time management

Raise your own self-esteem and feel terrific about yourself

Remain centered and peaceful even in the midst of chaos

Feel a sense of purpose and meaning every day

Transform adversity into excellence

Break free of the habits and beliefs that are limiting you

Increase your productivity, performance and effectiveness

     Gain tools for balancing career, family and personal growth
     Learn practical techniques to enhance happiness at home and in the workplace

“Joseph is truly inspirational and is a man of character, ability and integrity. His work and book (Living Greatness) provide a revolutionary approach to life and business, especially during the challenging times we live in today. He is an empowering leader whose work will touch the lives of millions in the years to come."

- Siimon Reynolds
Co-Founder of Photon Group

"Joseph has a sincere and passionate desire to help others and to make the world a better place. He has chosen to follow a higher calling and has committed to using his many gifts in the service of humanity."

- Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises

"There are always a rare few amongst us whose purpose is to guide and direct us to live a happy and successful life, and Joseph is one of those chosen people.

- Arfie Lamba
Actor, Oscar–winning movie
"Slumdog Millionaire"



With a unique blend of psychology, quantum physics, cutting edge research and spirituality, I will reveal the truth of how success and happiness are created at everyday levels of reality. I'll be with you personally at every step, inspiring, teaching, encouraging and even gently challenging you to shatter your limits, rethink the way you work and break through where you may be stuck.

Corporate clients pay me many thousands for the information, tools and systems you’ll learn at Live Your Greatness workshop. I have also spent more than a decade to learning the strategies that I will share with you at the Live Your Greatness workshop.




“Joseph was awesome and amazing! He boiled life, success and leadership down to the basics and engaged our audience in the process of realizing their greatest potential as humans and leaders. Very inspiring!”


"Joseph's presentation was both inspiring and uplifting. Personally and professionally, I believe everyone walked away with a special message from Joseph. It was certainly a lesson in how self-acknowledgement and determination can triumph over adversity."



I will share with you the shortcuts that will help you avoid costly mistakes, and the myths that will prevent you from discovering your inner greatness, as well as a step-by-step process for turning your passion and purpose into an everyday reality. There are three elements to turning your passion and purpose into success. By mastering these with laser-like focus, you will see profits from your work as well:

1) Mindset
2) Strategy
3) Execution


In this no-holds-barred workshop, I will share with you ideas, mindsets, tools and strategies that I have exclusively shared with Fortune 500 companies, but for this workshop I’ll do it at a fraction of the cost, as I want to make this life-changing information as universally accessible for as many people as possible. My message has drawn the attention of people from all walks of life, from the unknown to the acclaimed, including Fortune 500 executives, Oscar winning actor, billionaires, and New York Times bestselling authors, with each endorsing my work.




I have discovered that what we really want is a simple feeling of happiness, to feel alive and purposeful in each moment with a sense of fulfilment towards what we do while making a difference. Oprah Winfrey credits her success to this: “I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint.” The key is to discover this fingerprint while turning it into practical and tangible results and success. 


At this workshop, you will master the steps to getting started on your life path, and you will learn how to produce tangible results in the next 6 to 12 months.

It can be tough to turn information into results. It can be difficult to take the philosophies you learn and apply them to your own life, your own situation and your own mental blocks. I will show you how to remove these blocks and turn your vision into reality.

  • Do you feel that you have a higher purpose in life, but you don’t know how to identify it or turn it into a tangible reality?

  • Are there unfinished accomplishments in your life that you're still aiming for?

  • Do you want a more fulfilling career or business?

  • Do you feel that your life seems to be going nowhere – no matter how hard you try?

"Joseph's Living Greatness is filled with nuggets of wisdom, gems of inspiration and treasures from the heart for living your own greatness masterfully."

-  Dr. John Demartini
 CEO and Founder of the Demartini Institute

"Joseph will show you how to create greater success and prosperity in your work, deeper fulfillment in your relationships, and more happiness in your daily experience."

- Marci Shimoff
New York Times bestselling author
"Happy for No Reason"

"Living Greatness has the potential to change the lives of millions."

- Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos.com
(Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies To Work For" in 2011)


According to Deepak Chopra, "Self-Empowerment" means having the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to cope with our changing world and the circumstances in which we live.

This workshop session is attended by individuals of all ages and all backgrounds, both singles and couples. I will teach you to deconstruct your self-imposed limitations and take your life to its next level by becoming your own empowered, authentic self, capable of gaining ultimate mastery and influence over your own life. During Live Your Greatness workshop you will: 

Take conscious control of your life and create tangible results. You’re already creating everything in your life, but you’re doing it unconsciously. It’s time to take conscious control!
Discover your life’s purpose so that everything you do feels meaningful and worthwhile.
Generate concrete plans that carry the power to change your life. Devise a workable plan for the attainment of your goals.
Free yourself from life-long blocks, crippling emotions and beliefs that hold you back.
Get a clear vision of yourself making a difference in the world. This will actually help you attract the personal prosperity and financial rewards you seek.
Meet like-minded people, build new friendships and partnerships, mastermind groups and more.
Attract into your life the money, people and resources you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself.
Accomplish more in the next year than the average person accomplishes in five years.


Due to time constraints, I'm not sure if I will be doing this workshop again. Tickets are selling fast and we only have 3 seats left! If you want to take charge of your life and attend the workshop, please click on the icon below.  


"Live Your Greatness" Workshop

 Early Bird Price $195 (Normally $495)

Only 3 tickets left!!


WHEN: 6th Aug (Saturday), 10am to 3pm

The Sebel Residence Chatswood, 37 Victor Street, Chatswood

HOW: Book your tickets HERE


100% No-Risk Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

If after the seminar you aren't completely convinced the value far outweighs your more than reasonable investment and expectations, or if you aren't happy for ANY reason then I insist you ask for your money back. My sole purpose is to help you take your life to the next level.

I hope to see you there!

In Friendship,

Joseph Law
Author of Living Greatness




Here's what other experts and leaders say about Joseph's work:

"Living Greatness is a must-read book at this critical time in history when the world seems to be filled with turbulence and uncertainty. Instead of letting disheartening news reports depress you, breathe in the words of this book and let it inspire you to attain new levels of courage, strength, wisdom, and unprecedented success in your life. Living Greatness takes readers on a spiritual journey to find their true and deepest self. It is both a strikingly powerful epiphany and yet an enormously practical guidebook at the same time."

   Chin Ning Chu
International Bestselling Author "Thick Face Black Heart"
Chairman, Strategic Learning Institute

"Joseph is not only a very intelligent man, but his mission, to make a positive impact in the lives of one million people in the next five years, is powerful. I applaud you Joseph, you are well on your way."  

  Bill Bartmann
Billionaire Business Coach and author of "Bailout Riches: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar"

"Joseph has shown a real heart to seek out the information that is so easily skimmed over in other books. His passion for human development shines through in his determination to make this book a must read for anyone who really wants to know what's behind true greatness."

–  Bessie Bardot
TV and Radio Personality


"Balancing life and business is hard. It’s even harder to articulate how you do that in words. Joseph has achieved that. He has found a way to get into the heart and mind of an entrepreneur and extract what truly makes them tick.


Troy Hazard
Former Global President of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization


"Joseph strikes me as an extraordinary young man with a powerful sense of mission to benefit humankind and make a difference to the world in his own unique way. Living Greatness reflects Joseph's compelling wish to help others find meaning and happiness in life. A collection of profound wisdom presented by the greatest thinkers of our time, this book is a magnificent fountain of inspiration for anyone who seeks to grow spiritually and live each day to the fullest."

  Poman Lo
Executive Director, Regal Hotels International


"If you want to live great or be great in any way (great or small) then you'd best learn from some of the greats.  Living Greatness is a great place to start.  You can read in a few minutes what took them a lifetime to learn."


  Robert G. Allen
Best-selling author of "The One Minute Millionaire and Multiple Streams of Income"


"In a very thoughtful, creative, and practical way, Joseph gives us the roadmap to how we can achieve more happiness and success in our everyday work and life. It is important whether you are a starting out, aspiring manager or CEO of a major organization."

Lisa Messenger 
Managing Director, Messenger Publishing
Finalist 2009 Telstra Business Woman of the Year (NSW)

"Joseph possesses the talent, enthusiasm and skills to help people live the life they want. His work is going to positively impact the lives of thousands in the years to come!!"


  Dale Beaumont
CEO Dream Express International
Best-Selling Author of 16 Books

"When I met Joseph he immediately struck me as someone with a sharp mind who is sincerely interested in helping people, following through and making a real difference in the world. The world needs more people like him."

– Michael Dayes
Award Winning Life Coach
for World Champion Athletes


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