Joseph Law, author of critically acclaimed book Living Greatness, will inspire your audience to adapt to change and to harness its power to enrich their lives. In doing so, he will guide them through the process of finding happiness and balance in their lives amidst the chaos of today’s world. Joseph has appeared on SBS, Sky News and Channel 10. He is a sought after speaker at events, conferences and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with Optus, Shu Uemura, Kiehl’s, JP Morgan, Boost Juice and Gloria Jeans.

When Joseph was in his twenties, he became the general manager of one of Australia’s fastest growing companies that grew from zero to a billion dollars in sales turnover. He immersed himself in a decade of intense research to discover the keys to balance and happiness. In preparation for writing his groundbreaking book, Living Greatness, Joseph conducted interviews with many of the world’s most inspired thinkers and leaders. Joseph’s work has attracted and won the support of international best-selling authors and leading CEOs, as well as billionaires and celebrities worldwide. 

Joseph's exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Time Management, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results because of his unique ability to connect with his audience.


"Provided many thought provoking ideas and
gave me further impetus to pursue happiness now."

Elizabeth McApline
Executive Director, JP Morgan



I was really glad to attend the Living Greatness Workshop! Joseph was able to distil the wisdom of so many great leaders into a simple to understand message. It was great for me to be reminded of the simple principles of leading a successful life. This workshop has motivated me to stay true to my values whilst pursuing my goals. I would encourage anyone to attend the Living Greatness Workshop to help them along on a successful journey.”

Bernard Fehon
Chair & Founder, Vinnies CEO Sleepout
(One of Australia’s leading national event with $4.1million raised for St Vincent de Paul in 2011)


"Joseph’s visit to Optus was completely packed with standing room only. Our people who attended were inspired by his presentation and left the session with beaming smiles on their faces. It was an uplifting, in-depth presentation that gave people a new perspective on life."

Haley Robertson, Optus


“When I planned our company conference I knew I wanted someone inspirational to address our team. The first person I thought of was Joseph Law – Thankfully he accepted. Joseph really touched the hearts, minds and spirit of our team. Joseph was insightful and personal with each team member – he was amazing! He was able to engage our team in the process of realizing their greatest potential as humans and leaders. Very inspiring!  Also having the ability to have a copy of his book personally addressed and signed for each team member gave our Managers the opportunity go back on points Joseph discussed and also keeps the message fresh each time they pick up the book. Thank you Joseph - you made a difference."

Tere Heathcote-Love
General Manager, L'Oréal Australia


Motivational and

Living Greatness: Secrets to success in business and life

With the complexities of 21st century life – bills to pay, a family to raise, a stressful job, a mortgage to pay off – is the attainment of happiness and balance possible? Too often we are on overload we think too much, we always look for the next best thing, we go through life aimlessly, and we rush to buy the latest, newest gadgets being hyped in the media.

Joseph immersed himself in a decade of intense research to discover the keys to balance and happiness. In preparation for writing his groundbreaking book, Living Greatness, Joseph conducted interviews with many of the world’s most inspired thinkers and leaders. He has dedicated his life to demonstrating how every person can truly control their destiny with profound, yet straightforward guidance. If you're seeking an incredibly empowering presentation that will have your audience on their feet and more connected with their passion and purpose, this is the speech that delivers.

  •  Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success

  • Discover the successful ingredients of a good life

  • Gain tools for balancing career, family and personal growth

  • How to Increase your productivity, performance and effectiveness

  • Overcome adversity and view your challenges as opportunities

  • Master the art of balancing your work and life

  • Learn practical techniques to enhance happiness at home and in the workplace


Leadership and Effectiveness

Becoming a Brilliant Leader who Others Admire, Respect and Follow

What sets the best leaders apart? How can you be a more effective leader in every aspect of your business and personal life? These two questions set Joseph Law on a course to discovering the secret success strategies of today’s most effective leaders. What he discovered is that each one of us, in large and small ways, is a leader. The power of a leader does not lie within the job title, but rather in the spirit of the individual.

Under Joseph’s guidance and instruction, your group will learn how a superior leader is guided through inner wisdom cultivated by facing life's challenges while questing for spiritual balance. Joseph skilfully imparts personal leadership lessons for staying strong amid turbulence and focused in the face of uncertainty. When Joseph speaks to a group of business leaders, he teaches the most powerful, practical leadership strategies ever discovered so that they can manage their staffs more effectively, motivate them toward greater achievement, and gain better results than ever before.

  •  The 10 essential abilities of a leader

  • Unleashing Your Leadership Greatness

  •  The Untold Wisdom of the World’s Greatest and Most Admired Leaders

  •  The 5 assets and 8 liabilities of a leader

  •  The 5 formulas for motivating others to accomplish more than they think possible

  •  How to win a fight without fighting

Peak Performance and Success

The 7 Best Practices of World Class Achievers

Corporations are on a never ending quest to out-think, out-plan and out-perform their competition, and business leaders everywhere are feeling the pressure. Joseph believes that we sometimes fail to achieve our goals because we are trying too hard to succeed. He has observed that how the top people think and act in every area of their personal and business lives is unique and worth studying to gain insight into what it takes to achieve personal and professional greatness.

Under Joseph’s dynamic instruction, your group will learn a series of practical, proven methods and strategies for attaining maximum achievement. They will learn how to get superior results in the fast-moving, fast-changing business environment of the twenty-first century. In this intense and dynamic session, your group will have a total immersion experience in the following topics designed to chart their course as high achievers and highly successful people:

  • The 7 Best Practices of world class achievers

  • The 4 myths of success and the pitfalls to avoid

  • The psychology of peak performance and high achievers

  • How to do less and achieve more

  • The 5 keys to cultivating a high performance team and a winning culture

  • How to attain unstoppable success in an ever changing world

  • Turning obstacles into opportunities

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Joseph Law is available for Keynote Speaking Engagement - Joseph inspires and entertains…his presentations are motivating, thought provoking and backed up by great stories and cutting edge research that leaves audiences uplifted and profoundly inspired. They have been described as “inspiring, entertaining, informative and motivational.” Joseph’s positive message can be further tailored to meet the need of any organization, team, meeting or conference.

We will work with you every step of the way to determine what your needs are and bring them into focus. Whatever your occasion, Joseph will develop material that helps your participants increase their effectiveness, professionally and personally. To request Joseph as a speaker for your event, please contact: info@livinggreatness.com

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“Joseph is truly inspirational and is a man of character, ability and integrity. His work and book (Living Greatness) provide a revolutionary approach to life and business, especially during the challenging times we live in today. He is an empowering leader whose work will touch the lives of millions in the years to come."
Siimon Reynolds, Co-Founder of Photon Group
One of the world’s largest marketing conglomerates consists of 6,000 employees